9i unix startup / shutdown with listener password

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8 Responses to “9i unix startup / shutdown with listener password”

  1. laurent schneider Says:

    note that you never need a password to start a listener 8)
    take care if you have more than one listener

  2. Andrew Fraser Says:

    Thanks again. Had I known password wasn’t needed for startup, I might have been tempted to be lazy and skip the listener shutdown step, since I’m a lot less bothered about a listener not being cleanly shutdown than a database.

  3. Kevin Says:

    I’m following these steps exactly, but seeing that my script is not able to set variables within the “su – ” routine.

    This is happening both on my RHES Linux 4.0 and hpux 11.11 servers.

    If I put all the oracle commands in a separate script, then everything is fine, but I’m wondering if anyone knows why the example above wouldn’t work for me?


  4. Andrew Fraser Says:

    Not sure why that happens, but I just replicated it on a solaris test machine. Fix I used there was to take the environment variable line:

    ENCRYPTED_PASSWORD=`grep -i password /etc/listener.ora | awk -F= ‘{print $2}’ -`

    to be before the su.

    I’ve updated the original post to have that fix in.

  5. Kevin Says:

    Ahh, that did it Andrew. Thanks so much

  6. Uneniosits Says:

    Thanks for the post

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